Building on the Enhanced Health and Wellbeing at Home Summit in May 2019 (working together to improve the quality of care enjoyed by residents of residential and nursing care homes across Bradford district and Craven), the overarching aim is to support the provision of high-quality care within care homes by:

  • ensuring that, wherever possible, individuals who require support to live independently, have access to the right care and the right health services in the place of their choosing
  • making the best use of resources by reducing unnecessary conveyances to hospitals, hospital admissions, and bed days whilst ensuring the best care for residents

We are doing this through a focus on core elements of the national Enhanced Health in Care Homes’ framework, including:

  • enhanced primary care support
    • providing access to consistent, named GP and wider primary care service
    • medication reviews
    • hydration and nutrition support
    • access to out-of-hours/urgent care when needed
  • multi-disciplinary team (MDT) support including coordinated health and social care
    • expert advice and care for those with the most complex needs
    • helping professionals, carers and individuals with needs navigate the health and care system
  • re-ablement and rehabilitation – developing community assets to support resilience and independence
  • joined-up commissioning and collaboration between health and social care
    • co-production with providers and networked care homes
    • shared contractual mechanisms to promote integration (including Continuing Healthcare)
    • access to appropriate housing options

Whenever it is possible we want to support people to be happy and healthy at home. When care and support is provided this is through voluntary, community and primary care services with wrap around support. Hospitals are not always the best place, especially when someone has dementia, so we focus on reducing unnecessary hospital admissions by putting proactive care in place like Craven Care Home Support Team, enhanced GP services and telemedicine. Locally, we can also consider the needs of housebound people, receiving Home Support services, to avoid inequalities of access to information and care.

More Information

For more details on the Enhanced Health and Wellbeing at Home programme or to get involved in the programme please see our contacts page.