Building the Community Partnerships (formally referred to as Primary Care Home) model across Bradford district and Craven commenced in the summer of 2017. This model was introduced as a means to support the commissioning and delivery and of local care, support and wellbeing services.

The aim of developing Community Partnerships was to bring together a range of health and social care providers to work in collaboration as a unified leadership team. This team would then be responsible for identifying its local population health and social care needs. These teams will lead on the development, design, implementation and evaluation of service improvement initiatives. These initiatives will ensure the most efficient and effective use of existing and future resource which will support people to receive care, support and wellbeing services closer to home and enable them to remain happy, healthy and at home.

Community Partnerships (CPs) are Bradford district and Craven’s way of delivering integrated community health, care and wellbeing services, through locally led partnerships, covering communities of approximately 30-60,000 people. Across the one locality of Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven there are 3 CPs. Within Bradford there are 11 CPs covering three localities of north, central and south.

CPs have been created to give community-based staff and local people the opportunity to say what is important to them based on local information, to ensure that future health, care and wellbeing services meet their needs. The importance of our CPs is recognised by our entire health and social care system, as the key building blocks to our integrated health and care system.

Each CP has a community leadership team who are working together to share their knowledge, ideas and expertise to support each other in understanding their roles and how they can work better together to improve the lives and experiences of people in the local community. This new way of working enables CPs to involve and empower their local teams of around 100-150 staff to design, develop and set up new ways of delivering health, care and wellbeing services which they lead on. It provides opportunities for community staff to work in different ways with other organisations. This will overcome some of the long term issues and help us to deliver better care and support that people working and living in communities have told us they want.

The CP leadership teams include people from a variety of health, social care and third sector organisations and include staff from GP practices, community nursing, mental health services, community pharmacy, care homes, home care, voluntary organisations, social workers, the council ward officers, local Councillors and hospital staff.

Examples of CP initiatives that have been delivered to date include:

  • Carers events to support people caring for people with complex needs within the community to access services and receive advice and support
  • Delivery of a pilot project called ‘Restore Recovery College’ to increase opportunities for people to live meaningful lives and reduce social isolation and loneliness.
  • Living Well Events to promote more joined up working, effective sign posting for people in the community and raise awareness of the different services that are on offer across the community
  • Alignment of GP practices to Care Homes to improve working relationships, provide better continuity of care for people and their families and timely access to services.
  • Provision of self care advice alongside knitted hats, gloves and scarfs to people with respiratory conditions.

More information

For more detail on the Community Partnerships programme or to get involved in the programme please see our contacts page.